Meet our management team

Ahmed Demerdash Badrawi

Executive Vice-Chairman

Ahmed Demerdash Badrawi (Dasha) serves as the Executive Vice Chairman of MARAKEZ. Badrawi's leadership has been instrumental in steering MARAKEZ's development and expansion in Egypt since joining the group in October 2015. Notably, he has overseen the acquisition of new sites for mixed-use and mall business expansion in Giza, Cairo, Mansoura, Tanta and Ras El Hekma. His role extends to the launch of MARAKEZ's first residential project, AEON Courtyards and Towers West Cairo, and the company's activities in other sectors such as F&B and entertainment.

Basil Ramzy

Chief Executive Officer

Basil Ramzy is the Chief Executive Officer of MARAKEZ. He leads the new phase of the company’s development and expansion in Egypt. He oversees all operations and the implementation of the company’s business strategy to expand Fawaz AlHokair Group’s presence in the market since August 2015. His focus on creating new mixed-use destinations and commercial malls across Egypt and the Middle East aligns with the corporate strategy of MARAKEZ. Ramzy's commitment to community-building and place-making underscores his dedication to reinforcing MARAKEZ's position in the market.

Mohamed Badr

Chief Technical Officer

As the Chief Technical Officer of MARAKEZ, Mohamed Badr brings over 25 years of experience in managing mega international megaprojects and developments to the company. His responsibilities encompass the entire design and construction platform, spanning engineering-design, project management, quality control, procurement, and contract administration. Notably, Badr has played a vital role in a wide variety of projects, including residential and office towers, hotels, airports, and government office buildings, showcasing his expertise in both American and European standards.

Ismail Seoudi

Chief Land Officer

Ismail Seoudi, the Chief Land Officer at MARAKEZ, has been instrumental in driving the company's land acquisitions and government relations since joining in October 2015. His role significantly contributes to the growth of renowned real estate developers, reflecting his vital business development contributions.

Shaza El Kady

Chief Financial Officer

Shaza El Kady, is the Chief Financial Officer of MARAKEZ. She is a key member of MARAKEZ's new management team, leading the company's strategic expansion in Egypt. Her nearly 15 years of experience in the finance industry has been pivotal in managing the finance department and planning for the company's IPO, while overseeing all financial functions of the company.

Hesham Shoukry

Chief HR and Mall Operations Officer

Hesham Shoukry, with over 20 years of HR and management experience in Asia and Africa, has been responsible for developing the structure of the company and creating a human resources platform, along with overseeing the company's operational assets performance since joining in January 2016.

Ashraf Farid

Chief Business Development Officer

Ashraf Farid, in his capacity as the Chief Business Development Officer, has been instrumental in leading the company's new phase of developments and expansion in Egypt. His role encompasses bringing new business opportunities and heading the company's client relations department as well as the legal functions.

Ashraf Maklad

Chief Commercial Officer

Ashraf Maklad, as the Chief Commercial Officer, plays a pivotal role in establishing MARAKEZ's position in the Egyptian market and putting in place its marketing and commercial strategies. His responsibilities include managing the leasing and commercial marketing departments, bringing leading brands to MARAKEZ commercial assets, and expanding its renowned mix of tenants while overseeing the implementation of commercial standards and store activities.

Yasmine Abou Samra

Chief Development Officer

Yasmine Abou Samra, as the Chief Development Officer, brings over 16 years of experience in Development, Project Management, and Project Control to MARAKEZ. Her oversight of the development of MARAKEZ commercial and residential projects aligns with the company's expansion plans.

Nora Nashaat

Residential Chief Commercial Officer (RCCO)

Nora Nashaat is the Residential Chief Commercial Officer; she  manages all residential activities related to sales and marketing to further strengthen MARAKEZ's position and achieve its sales targets. Notably, her team has overachieved their sales targets for 2 consecutive years, reflecting her commitment to promoting a culture of growth and implementing tools for her team's success.

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